17 ago. 2008


Statement by the six Paraguayan Peasants held as Political Prisoners in Argentina:

We wish to address the public opinion with the following statement:

1-We declare to be on hungerstrike from today onwards, for an indefinite period of time in the prison in Marcos Paz [province of Buenos Aires].

2-We have taken this decision because the Argentine government has failed to make an end to our unjust imprisonment for two years, three months and thirteen days.

3-We went to Argentina because we trusted in its institutions and its long history as a place for asylum for thousands of politically persecuted people.

4-We demand to be released immediately and be granted Political Asylum, because we are victims of political persecution. There is no legal argument to keep us in jail, taking into account that there are no elements to sustain with sufficient probability that we committed the crime that we have been accused of.

5-Given these facts, we cannot understand that we remain imprisoned in a country that has gained international respect regarding Human Rights.

6-Once again we call out for the solidarity of all those who consider our imprisonment as unjust, and we ask you to support us in our demand by demanding that the Argentine government grant us Political Asylum.

Our tender embrace and all our affection goes out to all those who support our struggle.
The six Paraguayan Peasants held as Political Prisoners.
Political Asylum, Freedom or Death.

Agustín Acosta
Basiliano Caldozo
Simeón Bordón
Gustavo Lezcano
Roque Rodríguez
Arístides Vera

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